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Budgeting & expenses support

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We at Brighter Enabling understand that budgeting can be an overwhelming experience. Technology has really evolved, and most bills can be paid electronically which can be confusing if this isn’t something you are used to doing. This will involve the individual having enough finances available to pay for bills and leisure activities which can be more difficult than it seems as it needs to be differentiated. Therefore, we are able support the person with any obstacles that they come across day to day, we will work to identify solutions on how to manage these in a way that makes sense to the individual and what proves to be most effective.


There are a variety of methods that have been used to support and help a person to develop a form of understanding on the value of money and what it is spent on. We have all been there where we look at our wallets or bank statements and we can’t quite understand where the money has gone. Therefore, a robust individualised plan can be put in place to guide and demonstrate how things can be made simpler and less stressful, which in turn will enable the individual to develop and enhance life skills.

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