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Model of approach 

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The model of approach is a fundamental framework designed to guide and shape our practice to support individuals most effectively and to achieve each concept. It is in place to provide staff with a proven and analysed approach that has been put into practice. During this time it has evolved and has been frequently reviewed and adjusted to ensure it continues to offer support in the most efficient way. It provides staff with appropriate tools to build foundations for success as well as key principles that enable support to be truly beneficial. This approach is not intended to restrict staff practice but rather provide them with an approach that is the foundation and face of Brighter enabling. 




Building healthy and positive relationships

It is imperative that healthy and positive relationships are developed and established in order for children, young people and adults to flourish and thrive and to have the most meaningful and successful experience. It is well documented that without having a positive relationship, enabling won’t be fun or effective for either party. We take great care and pride in matching enablers with individuals that have similar interests and skill sets so common ground can be identified. Building trust is crucial for people to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed which can be developed by staff being open with their overall communication, being positive and consistent with their approach.


Developing relationships with support networks

It is fundamental that professional relationships are formed and

developed with the individuals circle of support and with other

professionals. It is important that frequent contact is facilitated so

that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same




We are very outcome orientated and believe with the correct tailored support, children, young people and adults can make progress and achieve what they have set for themselves. The main objective is to support the individual to increase and build self-esteem and confidence in order to develop and grow. We work in a very individualised way with taking pictures and videos so that the progress that is being made is presented in a way that is meaningful, appealing and fun. 


Equip and enrich

We work in ways that makes sense to each person to ensure we are equipping individuals with the skills they need to break down any obstacles. It is highly valued that we play a significant role in laying the foundations for children, young people and adults to grow and develop.


Positive experiences and fun

We are often focused on working towards outcomes, personal growth and development. However, it is fundamental to us that we ensure that sessions are fun and enjoyable. Enabling should always be a positive experience that the individual looks forward to and is meaningful to them 

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