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Brighter enabling mission 

To be able to offer high quality one-to-one support services in order for individuals to flourish, thrive and live a full and well-rounded life and connect with their community.

Enabling services (Children and Adults) 

We provide assistance, guidance and support to individuals with connecting with their local community, integrating with society and accessing activities. It is well documented that day to day tasks and activities can be very overwhelming and challenging for a wide range of individuals from all different types of backgrounds and needs. It is essential that the individual feels happy, relaxed, calm and comfortable with their surroundings and all aspects of life. We have strong beliefs in providing person-centred support and tailoring each session to the individuals' needs, preferences and wishes.



Harnessing Creativity

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It is highly recognised and acknowledged that morning routines – in terms of getting ready for school and transitioning from home to school can be a very challenging time of day especially when it is a busy household if parents are attempting to get ready for work or even wanting to have extra time in bed. Therefore, we are offering individualised support to help with all aspects of the child’s needs and morning schedule to ensure it is an adequate, smooth and steady transition. In turn, fun and meaningful activities of the child’s choice can be facilitated and accommodated to provide a positive start to the day.
We also offer services after school where parents can have time for themselves and unwind. The young person would be supported with participating in activities in the community or we can aid the evening routine.


For children and young people, daytime enabling can be extremely beneficial in the holidays, at weekends, or during the week if they are on a reduced timetable at school and need some extra support to work towards their outcomes, skills and independence. A variety of activities can be accessed throughout the day in the community to develop essential life skills and grow their self-esteem and confidence through 1:1 person-centred support. 

Enabling throughout the day is also offered for adults in need of additional support to access the community, take part in activities, and to develop their independence and essential life skills. In turn, this will improve their self-confidence, enhanced by 1:1 person-centred support that will ensure that their needs are adequately supported.  Enabling sessions are completely tailored by the individual requesting services based on their needs, outcomes and personal development goals. 

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This service can work parallel to the enabling service and the main outcome is to guide and demonstrate to the user that they should be in control of all aspects of their life. It can be a huge obstacle for anyone ensuring their voice is heard and listened to. A fully trained member of staff will support the service users’ requirements, such as paying bills, setting up direct debits, money management, budgeting for food shopping, bills, personal shopping, creating a shopping list and a variety of different things. Our staff will be able to talk through and facilitate some person-centred planning for the present and the future. The service presents the opportunity for the individual to make the changes they desire and will be supported every step of the way.


We offer respite services in order to facilitate time of rest for parents / guardians and for the individual to have a change of environment and time away from their family home. We have a fully equipped sensory bedroom with sensory lights and toys and a wet room to provide overnight stays for both adults and children.



Building healthy and positive relationships

It is imperative that healthy and positive relationships are developed and established in order for children and adults to flourish and thrive and to have the most meaningful and positive experience. It is well documented that without having a great rapport, enabling won’t be fun, effective or efficient for either party. We take great care and pride in matching enablers with individuals that have similar interests and skillsets in all areas that are outcome focussed and support the individual most successfully. Throughout this process building trust is essential for the child or adult to feel safe, comfortable, secure and relaxed and this can be developed by staff being open with their communication, being positive and consistent with their approach.


We are very outcome focussed and believe with the correct tailored support children and adults can make progress and achieve what they have set for themselves or with EHCPs. The main objective is to support both adults and children to build self-esteem and confidence because without this it is nearly impossible to make progress or to achieve anything. We work in a very individualised way with taking pictures and videos so that the progress being made is presented in a way that is meaningful, appealing and fun.  

Having positive experiences and fun!

Whilst we’re always focused on working towards outcomes and personal growth and development, it remains fundamental to us that we must ensure that young people and adults are still having fun and enjoying their sessions above all. Enabling should always be a positive experience that the individual looks forward to and should be something that is meaningful to them.

We believe that children and adults thrive in an environment which values their own uniqueness, while providing support and opportunities to grow emotionally, socially and creatively. By building on each individual’s strengths, interests and curiosities, we guide each person to explore the world around them as well as they develop new abilities and form close relationships.



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